Rachel Zoe Brings Major Changes In Style Subscription Program

Rachel Zoe

Leading fashion product designing company Rachel Zoe has made some of the changes in the subscription model which allows some extra benefits to its members. The company has been following a subscription model that has been redesigned under the name CURATEUR. This is a digital membership program that was exclusively designed for women. It looks like this program will offer bespoke luxury offerings in all their products which include beauty, fashion, and home. It’s estimated that more than 1 billion dollars are generated through the online fashion design eCommerce platforms which are slightly higher than the local retail sales. Many fashion products manufacturing company has moved to sell their products through the online store in different parts of the countries to drastically reduce the logistics cost.

Reimagined luxury membership program developed by the company provides access to its members to experience basic fashion amenities,  à la carte services for knowing about the wide range of beauty products which have a great demand in the market is offered through this membership. The exclusive rewards program has also been included with the membership program which generates points based on the purchase which can be later redeemed after meeting the threshold. It looks like the company has planned to bring in some of the innovative measures in their products to increase their online sales pitch. It also gives access to purchase products from their expanded product categories. The company has added that this membership program will also grant their customers reward points for their activity on the website like reviewing their product, referring to their friend, and also celebrating their birthday.

During an interview, Rodger Berman, Co-CEO of CURATEUR has stated that expansion of their business by making certain changes in the Box of Style subscription is largely inspired by their customers who buy the product using their online store. The company has been performing better by generating a decent amount of revenue for the last couple of years. He has also expressed that the company is planning to provide many value-added membership options for their genuine customers. It also allows their members to experience elevated touch points which can improve their shopping experience through their website. It has became a very competitive business for selling their products which makes it every beauty product manufacturing company to adapt to the unique marketing strategies.

It looks like a lifestyle membership brand is planning to add more such updates to their business to increase the amount of customer response. Rodger Berman expressed his happiness in creating an online platform for encouraging and motivating female figures and entrepreneurs for their thoughtful work in the industry. It’s added that with every seasonal curation there will be a special edition magazine that will be unveiled along with the companies holiday magazine. it looks like the cover page of the magazine will come with the companies inaugural cover star. The fashion brands e-commerce platform has been reintroduced after multiple changes to make it look more user friendly.

Rachel Zoe
Rachel Zoe Still

The Shoppe is the name of the fashion line e-commerce platform which gets enhanced using the customers’ feedback and suggestion. This online website developed by the company is said to have a variety of products from different category providing more options for its customers. It looks like this lifestyle membership program will bring in a new vertical named The Collective which offers a selection of best-in-class service based on the customers’ feedback. Similar to this many more online platforms are expected to be created by the company for selling their brand products at a special discounted price for its users.

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