Biden Nears Victory After Proving His Majority In Pennsylvania

Results of Pennsylvania have provided Joe Biden a lead front for the role of American president whereas Donald Trump is facing a shortcoming due to the less amount of votes he has received so far. It has been more than three days, US presidential election has been moving towards electing the presidential candidate.  Pennsylvania is considered the key battleground where Biden has surpassed trump with a slight lead of 6830 votes. Biden has also overtaken Trump in Georgia which was considered as the fort of the Democratic party. Overall it looks like there was a healthy and tight competition that prevailed between these two strong candidates over the last couple of weeks. Many analyses claimed that Biden will be receiving more votes during the election through his campaign which took placed before the election. Trump’s inability to handle the pandemic became an important aspect of Biden’s victory.

It was reported that wining Pennsylvania will make Biden cross the 270 mark which is essential for the majority. If Biden continues to show a majority in  Pennsylvania he will enter the comfort zone by securing the needed electoral college votes. Bailed votes are being counted in the remaining two states where Biden continues to prove his majority. Arizona and Nivida are the two other states where the counting process is being carried out which is expected to conclude within a few hours and the results will be finalized.  Maricopa which is the largest county located in Arizona is said to have more electoral votes than any other county. As far as the Friday counting is considered more than 61789 votes have been counted which suggests that Biden takes the lead with 43569 votes. The percentage of votes conceded by Biden looks slightly higher than the of Trump.

After the results of the elections, the S&P 500 has slightly fluctuated which is expected to continue even after the conclusive result. Many world countries are keenly watching the US election which is expected to have an adverse effect on the world economic situation. Many international Media already started claiming Biden as the next president of America where few media have expressed that there will be a tough fight in parts of Arizona. Election data firms located in America suggest that Biden will be winning Pennsylvania thereby taking his duty as president of the United States. As soon as the reports started claiming Biden as the next president, the Trump campaign immediately took over the report claiming that to be false information. Trump claims that this election is being stolen from him when counting the legal votes will assure their winning where counting the illegal votes might favor the opposite party contesting the election.

Donald Trump
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To maintain peace during the tough situation Biden has requested his supporters to maintain calm through his short statement which he addressed on Thursday. Biden said that “We have no doubt when the count is finished, Senator Harris and I will be declared the winners,” while addressing his supporters. It looks like the Trump campaign might reach the court appealing for recounting the votes bailed during the election process. Trump has been continuously expressing his disbelief over the election process through his Twitter feeds. A few of the Twitter feeds uploaded by Trump has been removed by Twitter for going against their terms and conditions.

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