Everything You Should Know About The New Iphone 14

iPhone 14

Everyone is so excited about the upcoming iPhone 14. This upcoming product seems to be the biggest product that Apple has released in a long time. There have been rumors that iPhone 14 will have exciting features such as Always-On Display, the all-new front camera, rear camera, and more. Also, these are only rumors; nothing is confirmed yet. In this article, we will collect some information about the new iPhone 14 models.

It might also be possible that the new products are arriving. There is a possibility that some phones might not be there in the Apple lineup. Apple always plays this game. It gives away the older products at reduced prices, so the shoppers feel satisfied paying the full amount for the new phone. We might see that the price of the iPhone 14 Pro will be hiked from iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 Models

So, the wait is about to be over as the iPhone 14 will release on September 13, and we can’t keep calm. iPhone 14 will get released with its four counterparts. In short, there would be four phones that would be released. These phones are an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, an iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the iPhone 14 Max.

The iPhone 14 Max would be the newest model of the Apple company. It is expected that iPhone 14 max has a display of 6.7 inches with many features such as more cameras, big storage, amazing design, and processor. The processor that iPhone 14 Max will be using will be a carbon copy of the standard iphone14. It might be possible that the iPhone 14 Max will change its name to iPhone 14 Plus.

With the arrival of the iPhone 14 Max, the phones, including iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, might end. The mini version is the least popular phone at Apple, which is why they are removing it. The biggest decision that Apple has to take regarding which models should be kept in the lineup of iPhone 14.

iPhone 14

Prices Of Upcoming Lineup

Apple will try its best to keep the prices of the iPhone  14 lineup equal to the iPhone 13 models, but since iPhone 14 Max is a bigger phone, its price would also be greater. Also, it is estimated that iPhone 14 models will have a rise in price by $100 as compared to the iPhone 13 models. iPhone 14 pro stands at $1099, and for the iPhone 14 Max, it’s $1199.

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Features of iPhone 14

The camera iPhone 14 pro and pro max would be having 48MP camera. It would be just amazing. It is also estimated that the battery backup would be maximized compared to other Apple models. Apple’s battery backup is the only disappointing thing in their products. It might become disappear after that.

This was all about iPhone 14 models. Meanwhile, stay connected to Today’s Ecommerce for more updates.