Everything you need to know about ‘AI PAINTING’

AI art or artificial intelligence art refers to the art generated with the assistance of artificial intelligence. By stimulating the human mind using computer systems, Artists have stretched the boundaries of creativity and created an endless stream of original artwork. AI is embraced by AI artists who use it to create new and aesthetic ideas, some of which are displayed on the walls of art galleries, some are expressed through music albums, and some contribute to providing the long-lost masterpieces of history in the field of art.

An AI-generated painting of the Mona Lisa

What exactly is AI in painting?

Have you ever wondered how self-driving cars work? They use many sensor data and help their passengers make real-time decisions. That’s how you can handle traffic and move around freely. These cars use AI technology. What if I say that the same tech is used in paintings? No, you are not fooled, but you read it right. AI is a complex process that helps artists to generate their artwork using algorithms(list of rules for solving a problem). It helps them to explore new styles and new ways to advance their workpiece.

Simply put, AI painting is an amalgamation of an artist(painting) and computer science(AI system). We have now understood the complexity of AI painting, But the question is how it works.

How AI helps in generating a novel art piece?

By using various self-learning algorithms that draw information from data, AI can create original creations. It gives a new style, or we can say new life, to a painting. The algorithms generate novel forms and shapes and give results that an artist could never imagine. It’s like having creativity taking creativity to the next level. Imagine a collaboration of neuroscientists, computer scientists, coders, and, last but not least, painters. Sounds interesting; it indeed is.

At the Colorado State Fair, Jason Allens’s AI-generated work won the first prize in the digital category.

In addition to giving a new way to express themselves, AI gives artists a broader look into the emotional world of humans. Here, we see a perfect blend of logic(brain) and emotions(heart). It not only gives an interesting result but also saves time and energy, much-needed assets, while simultaneously boosting our creative minds. Today we have access to a wide range of cool generators that gives us remarkable results with just a few clicks.

AI’s that are capable of ‘producing’ an artwork

As there are different ways of manually creating artwork, there are several ways to do it digitally. AI, as we have seen, provides us with the same. By reading the image and giving it new patterns and forms. AI generators are capable of producing a new art piece.

Here are listed some of the best AI art generators:


NightCafe AI generator

One of the most popular and used AI art generators in the world is the NightCafe. The one with extra facilities, more algorithms, and more features than other generators. This generator is based on a credit system where one can earn credits by participating in a community. The users also benefit from having their creations organized into collections and bulk-download all of their images. Additional to this, one can also get their artwork printed.

 2. DALL-E-2

Illustrations generated by DALL-E-2 from written sentences

OpenAL develops this generator. It gives its users the benefit of designing products and creating highly realistic images with customizations. DALL-E-2 is designed with the best tools that users can access; It helps them to enhance their image quality without taking much time.

3. Big Sleep

Easy to use, Big Sleep provides its users with realistic images generated from scratch. Big Sleep generator is based on python. The output is achieved through the generative adversarial network (GAN). GAN helps to distinguish between real and fake images and, in return, gives a real art piece.

4. WOMBO Dream

The Wombo AI generator

An AI NFT creator app that a Canadian startup develops. It can transform an image into a cartoon. It helps to get unreal and outstanding results. Dream provides users with different styles and a free platform to get unique masterpieces. 

5. Deep Dream Generator

One of the best-known AI art generators created by google in 2015 is Deep Dream Generator. It is used to create different artwork but, at the same time, is realistic. It gives its users access to different painting styles and the benefit of categorizing images. Closing the list with a well-known AI generator makes the work easy and appealing at the same time quirky.

Future of artificial intelligence in the creative industry

Expanding the world of the creative industry and collaborating with the minds of artists and scientists, AI has successfully built a relationship between humans and machines. It has become popular; the increasing interaction between people and artificial intelligence gives fresh opportunities for inspiration. With the possibility of creating incredible artwork, It has made itself available to everyone. Artificial intelligence has changed the perspective of creativity and the creation of artists. Though it has been a medium for them to express themselves digitally, it can never take their place.