Who Is Sara Quin’s Partner?

Sara Quin Married
Who Is Sara Quin's Partner? Cr: Otakukart

Sara Quin is the one half of the Canadian Indie Pop duo Tegan and Sara; Tegan and Sara are identical twins. The duo has a total of Nine studio albums released, and their album Get Along was nominated for the Grammy in 2012. The duo started writing songs at the age of fifteen, and they used their school’s recording studio for their demo albums. They have educated kids who wanted to be lawyers but later discovered their mutual love for music.

They gained international recognition by releasing their third and fourth album If It Was You and So Jealous, respectively. Their sixth album, Sainthood, debuted 21 on the Billboard 200 chart selling 24,000 copies in the first week. Their album Get Along was nominated for the Best Long Form Music Video at the 2013 Grammy Awards. From the start of their career, the duo has openly identified as gay, becoming a favorite lesbian band of people over the years. So who is Sara Quin’s partner?

The duo are politically active and support and advocate for LGBTQ equal rights. Their Tegan and Sara Foundation fights for the health, representation, and economic justice of LGBTQ women and girls.

Sara’s Present Projects

The duo created a live show, Where Does the Good grow, during the COVID-19 pandemic for their fans. They announced the filming of a TV show based on the book High School, in which both twins will be cast as the main cast under the direction of Clea Duvall. The show will be released in the fall of 2022 on Amazon Freevee. In 2022 the duo signed a new record deal with Mom & Pop and left Warner Bros. they also announced the release date for the new album Crybaby. The duo will be touring North America this year. You can listen to their latest song on Spotify.

Some Facts About Sara Quin

Sara claims she is frugal and has difficulty splurging money on nice things. She and Tegan are successful businesswomen, and Sara feels she’s a businesswoman first and an artist second. Her first big splurge was a mortgage for a small studio apartment in LA. Upon receiving advice from her girlfriend that she should buy nice things for herself, she started to branch out.

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What Sara loves most about being a queer is the freedom to choose their own family. Her celebrity crush is the fictional character of Kate Winslet from the series Mare of Easttown. Sara can not live without her New Yorker subscription. Some people mistake the twins for a couple and ask them how they met, which is bizarre since they are identical twins. She is a hardcore cat person and claims to give up everything in life for her cats. Her favorite cat is Holiday because she was her first cat and is the smarter and cooler of the two.

Sara Quin Net Worth

A Surprising Announcement From Sara And Her Partner

Sara Quin is very private about her personal life. She and Tegan have a joint Instagram account that only contains information and pics regarding their band and upcoming performances and albums. However, Sara claims that over the years, she has observed a pattern where her relationships transition into friendships. She is extremely loyal and values the people in her life; therefore, being friends with her exes isn’t difficult for her. Sara is married to her longtime partner Stacy Reader. On August 2, Sara surprised her fan with a post of her newborn baby. She posted a mirror selfie holding the sleeping baby on her shoulder. She welcomed her first child with her partner Stacy Reader. Her caption read ‘My crybaby,’ an obvious reference to her band’s upcoming 10th studio album ‘Crybaby.’

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