Is Instagram Becoming a Racist?


Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing app that came in the year 2010. It was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Later, the app was taken over by Facebook Inc., known as Meta Platforms. This app allows users to upload their pictures by editing them with various filters and edits. This app also provides hashtags and locations to increase the reach of a particular photo. You can keep your account public as well as private according to your preference.

Users can see other people’s pictures, followed by liking and sharing their pictures. This app also has a messaging feature. Also, you can post your favorite photo on your feed, plus you can add a story of your choice. Instagram has a lot of competitors, such as Snapchat, Facebook, etc, but it has maintained its number one position for a long period. Today, more than a billion people use Instagram daily.

Instagram A Racist

Instagram is the most beloved app among users, especially among teenagers. But, this app is wrong in many ways. First, it has a lot of filters that make your skin fairer. This promotes very wrong racism. Also, young adults start to hate their real skin when they are exposed to the pretty Instagram filters.

Recently, Instagram released a filter called Blackface. In this filter, your skin color changes to black. This is promoting racism to the very next level. Users burst out laughing when they use this filter. In short, Instagram is making fun of the whole community.


As the thing was wrong on so many grounds, Instagram started asking a question to users belonging to different races and ethnicity about their experience on the app. These questions will help the app to grow its engagement with different users. It will also improve Instagram as a user-friendly app.

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After the responses are being collected, there would be a lot of research to modify the app according to the responses. They will get the aggregated responses with the aggregated data. The Instagram said in their post, “The collected information will help us to understand our users better coming from different communities. We want to see how our app impacts people on a daily basis. For example, the data collected will help us to understand users better and make us clear how our app can improve according to the requirements of different communities.”

This was all about Is Instagram becoming a racist. The filters released by them tell a different story from how they are having a question answer round with the different communities. The collected data will tell us the better picture of all this.

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