How To Watch Save Me K-drama?

OCN Networks released Save Me, a thriller K-Drama, in 2017. This channel has created numerous excellent K-Drama thrillers and continues to do so. ‘Save Me’ is a film version of the popular webtoon ‘Out of The World.’ It is directed by King Sung-Su, a well-known director. It’s a mystery and danger-filled drama, which adds to the excitement of the audience. Many K-Drama lovers have watched this series. Some people have yet to watch the series because they can’t find it, but don’t worry, here’s where you can find it.

But first, a little background on the series. ‘Save Me’ is a suspense drama about a woman named Im Sang-mi who becomes trapped in a pseudo-religious cult. She pleads with her old friend Taecyeon to help her break out from this hell hole. He and his friends conspire to assist her in escaping. This drama is unlike any other drama you’ve ever watched before. The plot will unfold unpredictably. Nobody can foretell how things will turn out to be.

Where To Watch ‘Save Me’ K-drama?

All episodes of the Korean drama ‘Save Me’ are available on Amazon Prime Video. There are 16 episodes in total, each lasting 60 minutes. Save Me Season 2 was premiered on the ONC Network in May 2019. It’s a remake of the animated film ‘The Fate,’ which came out in 2013. Chun Ho Min, Uhm Tae Goo, Esom, and Kim Young Min are among the main characters in the second season.

Synopsis Of ‘Save Me’

Im Sang Mi is a brave woman who is trapped with her family in a religious cult. The religious cult Goseonwon, which portrays itself as a peaceful church, is a front for the sinister objectives that lie behind it. They are very influential and have most of the county in their grasp. The devoted followers have no clue about their heinous actions and ideas.

Sang Mi’s twin brother committed suicide from the school building. He was mercilessly bullied and assaulted by his classmates for his limping condition that he had since birth. Sang Mi’s family is shattered by this tragedy. Sang Mi’s mother loses her sanity as she was unable to cope with his son’s death, and Sang Mi blames the cult for her mother’s condition. The cult leader takes advantage of their vulnerability by luring them to Goseonwon. In their first meeting, Sang Mi sees right through the cult and senses something is wrong. Sang Mi’s father, who has been completely influenced by them, does not listen to her despite her protests. Sang Mi is now trapped with them, with no way out, because her father is in their clutches and her mother is unstable.

Three years later, she has an encounter with Han Sang-hwan, the son of the county leader and now a law student, and his two friends Jung-hoon and Man-hee, who used to be her classmate. “Save Me,” she whispers to them. Sang-hwan is determined to save her and expose the cult to make amends for his past wrongdoings. He infiltrates the cult using his wealth and position. He and his three friends join hands for the mission, but they don’t realize that the cult is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s full of dangers, mysteries, bloodshed, and dark secrets that they’ll soon learn about.

Cast Of ‘Save Me’

The cast of the k-drama “Save Me” includes the industry’s most well-known actors. Im Sang Mi, a girl who is trapped by the cult, is played by Seo Yea-Ji, a brilliant artist. Sang Mi’s classmate Hang Sang-hwan is played by Ok Taec-Yeon, who is determined to save her. Woo Do-Hwan portrays Suk Dong-Chul, a convicted murderer and Sang-hwan’s friend who assists Sang Mi in her rescue operation. Jo Sung-Ha plays the cult’s leader. Lee David, Ha Hwa-Jung, Jung Hae-Gyoon, Yoon Yoo-sun, and Jang Yoo-sang play supporting roles. All of the actors performed admirably. This drama is considered one of the top k-dramas because of their acting abilities. They perfectly conveyed the thriller and mystery to attract the viewers.

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