Facts Of SBI Doorstep Banking Services

India’s largest loaner State Bank of India (SBI) offers its customer’s doorstep banking divine service. Beneath SBI’s doorstep confinement services, the bank delivers the cash to its customers. Referable to this facility it has turn advantageous facing customers to enact banking services at their doorsteps. What’s the need to go to the bank when the banking concern is efficacious to come to your dwelling. Register your threshold banking demand instantly and avail banking services from the solace of your house.

State Bank of India (SBI) is an Indian international public banking and financial services agency located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. SBI is the 43rd largest bank in the world and ranked 221st on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s largest businesses by 2020 A nationalized bank, India’s largest bank, with 23 percent market share of assets and 25 percent share of the global lending and deposit market.

How To Get The Doorstep Banking Service?

SBI Doorstep

1) Customers will be calling the toll-free number 1800111103 betwixt 9 am to 4 pm on functional days from their registered phone number to avail of this SBI’s doorstep travail help.

2) Concluding four digits of savings bank/current account number for which doorstep banking overhaul is registered should be entered forth the guest erstwhile the phone call is allied.

3) The phone call shall move forwarded to Contact Centre Agent afterward initial confirmation, who later succor/superadded validation, shall portray the demand.

4) Particulars of demand and preferable snip of overhaul delivery are to be given forth the guest.

5) A SMS with Case ID and request type parting be sent to the customer’s registered phone number erstwhile the demand is approved.

6) Doorstep Banking Agent parting take the inquire and so he bequeath contact the guest and devour an apportionment.

7) The Doorstep Banking Agent (DSA), at the apteral snip shall visit the registered address of the guest and present his Photo ID card and officially valid document (OVD).

8) DSA shall also be verifying the personal identity of the guest through the Photo ID and OVD of the guest.

9) The overhaul inquire might be initiated inwards the Doorstep Banking web browser portal in the mobile carried by the DSB Agent. Customers shall enter Case ID and Verification Code in the web browser portal to launch the transaction.

10) The guest will be getting an SMS facing completing the transaction.

 Doorstep Banking Services was inaugurated by the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman by Public Sector Banks (PSBs) in the last month.

Doorstep pick up services provided by SBI are cheques, new cheque book requisitions, and Life certificate.

Delivery services provided by SBI are receipts of term deposits, account statements, drafts or Form 16 certificate, and cash pick up services.

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Charges For Financial Services:

  • For cash deposit of ₹75 including GST.
  • Cash payment or withdrawal of ₹75 including GST.
  • Pick up a cheque of ₹75 including GST.
  • For pick up cheque book requisition slip, it is ₹75 including GST.

Charges For Non-Financial Services:

  • For term deposit advice and account statement(savings bank account), charges are free.
  • For the current account statement (duplicate), the charge is ₹100 including GST.

Limits Of Doorstep Banking Services:

In case of cash pick up or deposit for per day transaction allowed is only 1. The maximum cash limit per transaction is ₹20,000. The minimum cash limit for each transaction is ₹1000.

In case of withdrawal or cash delivery for each day transaction allowed is only 1. The maximum cash limit as per transaction is ₹20,000. The minimum cash limit for each transaction is ₹1000.

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