How Do You Get NPS Partial Withdrawal Amount In Your Bank Account?

PFRDA had interpreted a sequent of digital initiatives to carve turnaround time (TAT) facing almost all of its processes and functions inwards the Subscriber’s interest. In this control to digital shift and to supply technology-enabled solutions to its Subscribers, a partial withdrawal which is allowed facing NPS Subscribers to edge their special necessities, has at present been made on-line and paperless which were before handled physically. 

NPS Subscribers afterward 3 years of the plan are eligible facing partial withdrawal of 25% of their self-contribution to border their particular necessities as permitted forth PFRDA. As at present, the eligible Subscribers necessitate giving their application for a partial withdrawal to the associated nodal officers/Points of Presence (POPs) together with the encouraging documents to corroborate the reasons facing their partial withdrawals. 

PFRDA had interpreted this determination to accelerate the movement of partial withdrawal based along with self-declaration and assure quicker requital of the partially withdrawn sum into the Subscribers’ bank account. The partial withdrawal requests got on-line shall move instantly to be processed in Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) organization.

While online withdrawment ability is being allowed, the existent off-line withdrawing potency shall carryon and the Subscribers shall possess the alternative fronting complying offline requests likewise to the associated POPs/Nodal officers.

The Procedure Of Partial Withdrawing Based On Self-Declaration:



  1. Subscribers can comply with the partial withdrawal inquire on-line/off-line to CRA/Nodal office/PoPs, as the activity may follow.
  2. Fronting on-line withdrawal-Login to CRA arrangement exploitation log-in security.
  3. Choose Partial Withdrawal and the eligible sum of partial withdrawal displayed.
  4. Choose the reasons facing partial withdrawment in the drop-down choice. Choose the Self Declaration option. 
  5. Accord Bank Account number which is non-editable fortuity.
  6. Comply with the demand and accredit by the exploitation of OTPs/ e Sign.
  7. E-mail and Mobile number involved to be updated to authenticate exploitation OTPs in the action of on-line casualty.
  8. CRA executes partial withdrawment billet ” Instant Bank Account Verification” forth cent fall.
  9. The sum will be received by the endorser within T+4th functional day. T is the time of on-line submission forth subscriber/authority by Nodal Office/POP (in offline casualty).
  10. No encouraging documents are to be submitted in offline or on-line casualty.

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Taxation On Withdrawal:

1) Withdrawment At The Period Of Retirement:

up to 40 percentage of the overall capital of the NPS are exempted from tax at the age of retirement. That being aforesaid, the maximal sum that you can abduce at retirement is 60% of the accumulated cap and 40 percent of the remnant has to be utilized fronting the consummation of the subscriber’s yearly pension annuity.

2) In Exercise Of Withdrawing Earlier Retirement/Age Of 60:

whether you intend to retract from NPS earlier the age of 60 or earlier retirement (alternative than the ground declared facing partial withdrawment), the indrawn balance is nonexempt severally. Albeit the sum that can be secluded is qualified to about 20% of the summate abundance in NPS and 80% of the accrued pension monetary fund must be used facing the capture of annuity allowing facing monthly pension. The annuity encourages shall, hence, follow taxable in the year of withdrawment in acquiescence with the slab rate applied to the endorser.

3) Due To Death Of Subscriber:

In the action of the subscriber’s demise, the sum secluded is exempted from the charge. The total accumulated pension will be paid to the subscriber’s legalize inheritor/nominee.  In the activity of government workers, it is not lawful to abduce the total sum. The acquire of an annuity planning by the nominee is mandatory.

4) Full Withdrawal At Retirement Time:

It provided the total summate inwards the account is lower than Rs. 2 Lakhs as at the age of retirement (facing government employee)/attaining the age of 60 (private employee), the scuttle of total withdrawment can be utilized forth the endorser (except Swavalamban subscribers).

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