Apply For A Loan Against SBI FD

SBI gives the gracility to utilize a lend fronting your FD in the recount to achieve prompting cash necessarily. It is a qualified alternative because it guarantees that the privileges you harvest from the Fixed Deposit account prevail unaltered and delivers the lend at slenderly cheaper rates provided as opposed to an unguaranteed lend.

The minimal/maximal sum that can be borrowed is Rs. 25,000 upward to an adjacency of Rs. 5 crores facing the lend or overdraft efficacy. That being aforesaid, the sum should not exceed 90 percent of the overall measure deposited along with the FD account.

Eligibility Criteria:

One mustiness edge with the pursual eligibility criteria to an addict facing a lend:


This lend is eligible to face utilization by single or joint depositors having SBI FDs.By on-line banking fronting their TDR and STDR, single account holders can likewise grasp the employ of an overdraft potency. Fronting depositors who demand to urge an overdraft account, this can handily follow performed electronically. Beforehand the application is sanctioned forth the bank, both primary and secondary holders mustiness procure the lend inquire in the feat of joint holders.

In the matter where anyone of the holder did not sign the lend application form, the bank parting repudiate the application and the lend will not be refined. You are not eligible to devote facing a lend provided you possess an SBI Tax Saving FD account.

Repayment Period:

The reimbursement condition is the continuance during which, on with the accrued interest, the lend balance is to be repaid to the banking concern. In recount to elude the slow requital fine, the bank recommends to the borrower an agreeable refund timeline beneath which they involve to recuperate. Subsequently and cautiously evaluating the borrower’s credit worthiness, this time/agenda is introduced. In the activity of STDR/e-STDR, the lend balance mustiness be repaid within 5 years, and it is diminutive at 3 years facing TDS/e-TDR.

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Major Benefits:

Alternatively to breakage FD, the under mentioned are the advantages that one can glean forth applying fronting a lend off FD:

1) Depositors are eligible to catch the privilege of a lend of up to 90% of their FD or period deposit account.

2) Interest is levied 1% overhead the nominative interest rate of SBI FD and the interest is levied along with a habitual reduction balance which likewise cuts the interest rate.

3) Upstage from the lending efficiency, overdraft potency is likewise given forth SBI.

4) Thither is no processing bung and even out whether the receiver pays the total debt balance in adducing, no penalization is imposed.

Types Of SBI FD And Their Interest Rates:

1) For Domestic time/FD – 1% greater than the nominal SBI FD interest rate.

2) For NRE FD- 1% greater than the nominal SBI FD interest rate.

3) For NRO FD- 1% greater than the nominal SBI FD interest rate.

4) For FCNR (B) Deposit- 2.90% greater than 1 year MCLR.

The Process To Start An Overdraft Account Fronting SBI FD:


A person mustiness possess an operative OD Account to acquire an overdraft sum. He/she can either stride into the nearest SBI branch and start the Overdraft A/c, or they can utilize the on-line choice provided they possess an on-line full term deposit account. Facing this avail, customers having domestic term deposits can handily accustom. Measures facing applying electronically fronting an overdraft account alongside an FD account of SBI are described beneath:

1) Signing in to your SBI net banking account victimization the compulsory corroboration i.e. user ID and password.

2) Beneath the menu part click on the e-Fixed Deposit option.

3) Instantly choose the ‘Overdraft against Fixed Deposit’ choice.

4) Directly your active deposits parting be displayed along with your device screen, capture one deposit fronting which you are volition to give facing an overdraft.

5) Direct click on ‘Proceed’ and reassert the overdraft sum, interest rate relevant on the overdraft, and expiry date.

6) Forthwith you will obtain a High-Security password along with your registered phone number, authenticate the similar by writing it inwards the spot requisite.

7) Erstwhile you have completed, your account will be activated successfully.

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