Google Pixel Buds Pro Review And Quality

Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google is back with its new version of Pixels Buds, Google Pixels Buds Pro. In the year 2020 and the year 2021, Google debuted their true wireless earbuds with lots of features. But this time, Google has added a new key feature, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This Pixel Buds Pro has all the features that make it the company’s best-ever model.


Compared to the other two previous models of the Pixel Buds, Pixels Buds Pro is superior. As you all have seen, Pixel Buds 2020 and A-Series are circular, whereas Pixel Buds Pro are more oval. This new shape fits so nicely in your ears. Also, the size of the buds pro is quite small.

There is a circle outside of the Pro model where you can do all the taps and swipes for all the controls. You can play and pause with a single tap. Moreover, you can skip tracks forward with a double tap and backward with triple taps. As you press for a long time, your pixel buds pro will go into the ANC mode.

In the 2020 model, the status light for the battery was at the inside of the case. In the 2021 model, it’s on the outside. Google Pixel Buds Pro, too, has the status light on the outside. It is much easier as we don’t have to open the case to see the battery levels.

Google Pixel Buds Pro


There are lots of features in the all-new Google Pixels Buds Pro. It has its algorithms for active noise cancellation. There is also a newly added feature known as Silent Seal that blocks the maximization and minimization of sound. When the ANC is on, sensors create pressure, keeping everything comfy. ANC will block all the useless noises from outside such as human voices, machine sounds, and many more.

You will get a battery percentage for both the buds pro individually. Below are some features like fine-tuning Google Assistant, touch controls, sound modes, and finding lost earbuds. There would be hands-free access to the speaking assistants, “Hey Google.” It is similar to Apple, where Siri assists us without pressing a button on AirPods. Regarding battery life, Google has guaranteed seven hours of uninterrupted music with ANC mode and eleven hours without it.

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Overall, the product is good and worthy of buying. Pixel Buds (2020) and Pixel buds (2021) were not great for the bass boost option, so Pixel Buds Pro has decided to save us from this. This new version has a great bass with a lot of different ranges of genres. Talking about the call quality, Pixel Buds Pro provides us with a crystal clear sound. But when experimented with, the quality is decent but not that great. There was some fuzziness when video calling on zoom or meet.

Everything about Google Pixel Buds Pro is great, but the call quality is not up to the mark. Because of this reason, it might not be a deal breaker for you as the product is expensive too.

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