AT&T’s Plans To Safely Address Its Customers During Unique Holiday Season

Releasing the product during the time of pandemic might be a little tricky even for the leading players in the market. Not every company has a huge response similar to what Apple received for its new model iPhone 12. The last six months have taught many lessons for big companies in the market to adopt the trends to sustain the high competition industry. AT&T is one such company which has developed its marketing strategies to maintain their sales pitch even during the tough pandemic situation by providing maximum safety and comfort to their customers. The company has started maintaining a healthy customer-friendly relationship through the experience which it has gained during the early days of the pandemic.

AT&T has an expert team that framed their strategy to keep their shop open around the US by improving the hygiene conditions. The company has also followed safe methods to address the customer’s queries during their tough phase. It looks like the company is interested in maintaining their traffic to provide customers with their quality service. Many companies have tried their maximum to keep their business running during the time of pandemic which increased their trust among their genuine customers. Even though the online shopping platforms have received huge traffic during this period of time, many hardware repair shop has been opened using healthy practices.

It looks like AT&T has already prepared that measure to carry out the required amount of stores to be opened for the enquires and services. Management has opted to keep its shops in a minimal surrounding which ensures that its customers about able to reach the nearby store in a short distance. AT&T has hired experience coordinators to ensure that its shoppers are maintaining proper social distancing during the pandemic. As we know, these shops might face a decent amount of traffic for repairing their hardware device and also for purchasing new products. It has also intruced multiple flexible options like Curbside and other alternative fulfillment options for helping their customers in setting up their devices.

Even at the time of high pandemic alert, AT&T was operating 30% of its stores. The company claims that they were pushed to consider multiple factors before declaring their operations at local stores. During their servies. they also need to consider that their employees are safe from being exposed to the dangerous pandemic. Customer preferences options are also needed to be addressed during the time of pandmic to maintain their healthy relationship. Other than selling electronic products, AT&T has also been carrying out some of the major operations like repairing and assitence. Free Right To You service by the company provides multiple options for its customers in choosing the right time and place for delevering their product. In addition to that they also have provided an option for their customers to pick  how they receive help setting it up.

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Even though many companies have prefreerd to opt for the virtual session, hardware services require manual operations which might lead to the spread of the disease. Following the governemt orders might help them in staying away from the virus. The company claims that they have fulfiled their customers request upto 25% to 30% of orders through contactless curbside pickup.

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