Target And Ulta Beauty Partners Together For Expanding Their Business

Target is a giant in the online and offline retail business has been expanding its business by partnering with some of the other players in the market. It looks like Target is in talks with many leaders in the industry to boost their revenue and improve their strategy to dominate the global market. The company has a strong dominance In the US which makes it a big player worldwide. Target has recently announced that they’ll be partnering up with Ulta Beauty to having a healthy partnership on their future long time business. It looks like these two companies have planned to sell their products both through the offline local store and also through the online store for reaching out millions of their customers. Even though the online e-commerce industry has been growing at a faster phase, Target has been concentrating on its offline stores to maintain its dominance in the local retail business. It looks the majority of the Ulta Beauty sales will be carried out through the online and local Target stores. This partnership will help the company in progressing in its marketing aspect making it easier for reaching the customers. Many products manufacturing retail companies are eyeing partnering with leading retails shops for a better reach

Ulta Beauty is one such company which is looking for a better reach than adapting the traditional marketing strategy for selling their products. It looks like Ulta Beauty will be making its debut entry into the retail market through the 100 Target locations around the US. The company might be expanding its business after analyzing the response during the initial phase. It looks like the company has the ultimate potential in reaching many other Target locations after the successful attempt.  Shop-in-shops concept will favor Ulta Beauty by increasing their sales pitch in their current stores. Brian Cornell, Chairman and CEO of Target has expressed that having a partnership with Ulta Beauty will bring out their strong foundation for the future in expanding their growing beauty business. Many beauty product  manufacturing companies have partner with giants in the industry for singing up the shop-in-shops concept. This is seen as one of the healthy marketing strategy that’s being followed by the big companies to encourage their sales during the tough conditions.

Many product manufacturing companies have been facing a huge loss due to the lockdown which prevailed over six month where majority of their products are kept in stock without selling. It looks like these produst will be sold during the Black Friday which is seen a potential period for kick starting their sales. It looks Ulta beauty is interested  in selecting bunch of new hired Target team for training about their beauty product as a part of their guest service which might help than in having a knowledge about their variety of cosmetic products. GLAMLab is expected to inlcuded in the shop-in-shop partnership. This software application will help the customers in knowing about their user friendly products based on the skin type and other such parameters. This tool also allows the user to virtually experience their product by choosing the user interface option available in the device.

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Customers who are purchasing Ulta Beauty product in the Target store are allowed to experience some of the additional benefits. These guest will be allowed to have free shipping for qualifying orders along with that they will also be eligible to avail Target’s same-day fulfillment services. These two MNC companies currently holds more than 100 million active members in their loyalty program. They will be benefiting from this partnership which is signed between Traget and Ulta Beauty.


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