Great American Home Store Uses Ecommerce Platform For Increasing Sales Upto 1200%

The great American Home Store has used the Pandemic opportunity in increasing its sales by up to 1200%. This company doesn’t have long experience in the e-commerce business has improved its market space through their innovative strategies. Justin Bowen said to the social press that they have started planning in March after the government announced lockdown. They made use of the e-commerce site which the company has developed in the month of January. Most of the sales which happened during the pandemic are predicted to happen over the e-commerce platforms. The store has hired specific support agents for addressing the queries raised by its customers over the product. They have maintained a decent user-friendly website which has pulled thousands of people on a regular basis. The management claims that their stores were reminded closed for over a couple of months which pushed the workers to concentrate on the online store for selling their products.

Most of the enquires and doubts of the customers are being cleared through the online portal. The salesperson will be carrying forwards the majority of the pre-sales. Customers spending time in the local store has been drastically reduced for ensuring safety protocols. Clear information about the product gives a detailed image of the product which pushes them to visit the store for finalizing the transaction. The company has adopted a decent strategy for selling its product through online stores. Many local stores have developed online e-commerce platforms for selling their products. This is one such store which has developed online portals for their customers. Bowen expressed that the leading e-commerce players have already trained the customers about the online platforms where the customers feel competitive for purchasing products through online platforms. These platforms are built to provide information about the product through the image and documents which contain the hardware specification of the product.

By providing a seamless experience to the customers, these e-commerce sites have increased their traffic by up to 60%. Many local stores have appointed software developers in developing personalized online portals for selling their products. It looks like many store owners are interested in kick-starting the year-end sale for engaging more customers through their online websites. These sites are open 24X7 which continuously brings in customers who are willing to know about the product from their home. Trained staff available online are made to clear doubt about the products through the live chat application in their online portal. Management shares that these staff will be guiding their customers in knowing about the product from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Great American Home Store
Great American Home Store Still

This online salesman feature is made to be live answering the queries seven days a week, it looks like they have planned to add some overnight shifts during the time of Black Friday and Christmas sales to address the huge volume of customers through their online portal. Memphis is known for holding multiple manufacturing companies that follow a 24 hours work culture and have employees to address the customers around the clock. Some of the value-added options are included in the website like Frequency Asked Questions which makes it more customer-friendly making them know about the product. This reduces the traffic reaching out to the customer executive thereby increasing the sales pitch.


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