Alibaba Launches 20 Virtual Trade Shows For 120 Day Time Period

Chinese online shopping industry, Alibaba has been expanding its business in various countries through its strong distribution network. As the phase of shopping changes over time, many online companies have started developing their platforms for shipping their product from A to B for the convenience of its customers. It claimed that the Alibaba business has been increased up to 85% during the time of pandemic which caused millions to stay home. During the last couple of month, most of the big players in the retails space has faced heavy losses. Alibaba being a giant in the industry has introduced several offers and new strategies for improving its business model in American and European countries. In China, the company has already provided its dominance by generating a yearly profit of more than a billion dollars every year. Apart from its online shopping, the company has maintained healthy user-friendly relations with their customers. They have a strong experience in handling customer queries in the online business which played an important role in their success.

As a part of a business initiative, Alibaba has introduced a multi-pronged program that comes with the  20 online trade shows. These shows are designed to give importance to the various industries by marketing their new products that are introduced by leading industries. These online virtual events are announced to be started during the next month. It looks like Alibaba has planned to provide support for the ongoing demand which is caused by the growing demand for online commerce. It’s expected that by 2025 most of the leading online e-commerce platforms will ship 95% of the shopping business. President of North America and Europe for, John Caplan has said that “In the last two months, there have been 20 years of acceleration of small businesses needing to get digital and to do business globally,”. This pandemic has helped the online shopping industries to accelerate their business model that might generate a great profit in the future.  The fast-growing online market has assured its customers of experiencing a decent online shopping platform.

20 shows designed by Alibaba will be broadcasted over the 120 days duration of time period which includes shows over varies products that are currently available in the Alibaba platform. This is not the first time that Alibaba has developed virtual events like, prior to this the company has initiated multiple virtual events which received a great response from the audience worldwide. Its expected tha this show might introduce new products and explains their benefits. Many startup hardware manufacturing companies have recently made an agreement with Alibaba for marketing their products reaching millions of their customers. It has emerged as a huge platform for many companies that develop innovative products for the benefit of individual at an affordable price.

Alibaba Image

Alibaba claims that their virtual event has attracted over 1 million active business buyers and supported thousands of sellers online within two weeks. Alibaba avoided to answer on how many participants will be attending their virtual event that is planned to happen in US, where it stated that the only invited participants are allowed to join their virtual event. It looks like the company will be inagurating many such online events in the upcoming days which might became a great base for their future business initiatives. The company has also developed payment gateways for transfer funds from the customers. Aliababa has introduces their initial payment  as Cross-border B2B ecommerce marketplace. Freight introduced by the company gives a realtime update over the shipping progress to the customers.

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