Latest Interest Rates of SBI Vs Post Office Recurring Deposit

Recurring Deposit

Recurring deposit (RD) is anecdotal of the topper deposit options facing investors who concept to acquire funds facing versatile purposes, solitary obtain it recondite to setaside sufficient facing it. With RD, anecdotal can inaugurate saving little along with a monthly basis. A recurring deposit account can move openly with either a bank or a Post Office. Nonetheless, the interest rate offered forth the post office is relatively higher than the interest rates offered forth banks. presently, SBI offers an interest rate of 6.10 percent along with its RD plan, whereas India Post offers an interest rate of 7.2 percent along with its Post Office recurring deposit account. The interest rate relevant on Post Office deposits is reviewed forth the Ministry of Finance on an every quarterly basis. Facing the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year, the quarter finish March 31, the finance ministry concluding month maintained the interest rates at existent levels.

Recurring deposit


The State Bank is an Indian multinational company with a statutory registered office in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in the public sector banking, and financial services. SBI has ranked 221st among Fortune Global 500 among the world’s biggest companies of 2020, becoming the 43rd largest bank in the world. It’s the most nationalized bank in India with 23% of asset market share and 25% of the overall market for loans and deposits.

The savings account for the postal office is a deposit scheme established by the post office in India. The portfolio gives the balance a fixed rate of interest. It is a convenient scheme for individual investors who choose to gain a guaranteed interest rate by spending a substantial share of their capital assets. Also, a convenient scheme for those living in India’s rural regions is the postal savings plan. As the geographic presence of postal companies is significantly wider than in banking, a substantial number of unprivileged persons have been able to access postal services to their savings accounts.

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Let’s See Some Differences Between RDs Offered By SBI And The Post Office:

Recurring deposit

1) SBI has lowered the interest rate on recurring deposits (RDs) accomplished from 10th September 2019. SBI RD interest rates alter betwixt 5.80%-6.25% facing the general public and an extra interest rate boost of 50 basis points facing senior citizens. Post Office RDs give a wholly high-interest rate of 7.2% per annum, compounding every quarter. These rates are accomplished from 1st October.

2) SBI RDs possess maturity ranging from 1 year to 10 years, solitary Post Office give RDs facing a tenure of 5 years unequaled.

3) An SBI RD account could be opened forth cheque/cash, only an RD account in a post office can be open by cash alone.

4) You can inaugurate an SBI RD account on-line via net banking efficiency, but facing curtain raising a post office RD account you own to visit the post office branch.

5) In the SBI RD account, customers are required to form monthly deposits of minimal of ₹100 and in multiples of ₹10. thither is no maximal limit along with the deposits. Merely the minimal sum requisite facing initiatory a post office RD is ₹10 per month or any sum in multiples of ₹5. Yet, thither is no maximal boundary on investiture.

6) The government decides the 5-year RD rate facing the post office. Yet, fronting SBI, the interest rates alter from tenure to tenure and these days the banks are rewriting them on a habitual base afterward the RBI rate slash.

7) SBI RD account can follow started with a minimal monthly deposit of ₹100. Nonetheless, there is no uttermost boundary. Solitary the lower limit sum requisite for curtain raising a post office RD is Rs10 per month, or any quantity inwards multiples of ₹5. Yet, thither is no utmost abuttal along with investiture.

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