Senior Citizens Tax Saving FDs With Interest Rate Up To 7.25%

Tax Saving FDs

Whether you are sounding facing a suited tax-saving investiture choice so, fixed deposits (FD) are matchless of them. Tax-saving FD with banking concern is anecdotic of the almost well-liked investing avenues distressed the section 80C hoop of fiscal instruments as specified inwards the Income Tax Act. Fronting tax-saving purposes, many citizenries utilize this investing choice as they are considered to follow less dangerous compared to equities. Aside from saving tax, interest from FDs can behave as a rootage of habitual income for senior citizens to edge their expenses. Hither is altogether you necessitate to indorse about investment in tax-saving FDs with a banking concern.

Who Can Invest In This?

According to recent income tax laws, only the individuals and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) can deck in tax-saving FDs. You can start a tax livery FD account either with a banking company you already possess a savings account with or with some other bank if the bank allows you to execute hence without curtain raising a savings account. In the latter action, you parting be requisite to undergo Know-Your-Customer (KYC) deed. To execute the KYC activity, you parting be needed to supply self-attested copies of your ID validation (PAN), address validation (passport, driving license, etc.), and passport size photographs. You mustiness likewise hold originals of the documents whose self-attested replicate you are complying with you as bank officials parting carry the confirmation earlier taking the KYC form.

Tax Saving FDs

Interest Payments:

Within such FDs, the rate of interest given differs all across the banks. Chiefly banks give cumulative interest or non-cumulative options upon tax saving FDs from which you can decide from. Cumulative choice implies that forth the period of maturity, interest earned upon your principal parting follow reinvested and returned to you. Whereas the interest inclined forth the bank parting be paying to you along a monthly, everyquarter, semi-annual and yearly base beneath the non-cumulative choice. Higher interest rates on tax-saving FDs are typically given to senior citizens.

Tax Saving FD Rates Of Interest For The General Public:

  • DCB Bank: 6.75%
  • Equitas Small Finance Bank: 6.75%
  • AU Small Finance Bank: 6.50%
  • IndusInd Bank: 6.50%
  • RBL Bank: 6.40%

Tax Saving FD Rates Of Interest For Senior Citizens:

  • DCB Bank-7.25%
  • Equitas Small Finance Bank-7.25%
  • AU Small Finance Bank-7.00%
  • IndusInd Bank- 7.00%
  • RBL Bank-6.90%

Minimal And Maximal Investing Sum:

The minimal sum to spot an FD facing saving tax varies from bank to bank. Yet, one cannot deck adit than Rs 1.5 lakh inwards a fiscal year in these deposits.

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Tenure Of FD:

Tax Saving FDs

Tax-savings fixed deposits (FD) possess a constant tenure of 5 years. According to the Bank Term Deposit Scheme, 2006, you cannot shatter these FDs beforehand the decease of 5 years from the period of deposit. Unlike the conventional FD which can be utilized as corroborative to acquire a lend, tax-saving FD cannot be utilized as substantiative or be sworn to acquire loans.

Presage Of Holding:

Tax-saving FDs can be situated individually or jointly. Yet, in activity chance of holding is joint, so lessening beneath section 80C is usable only to the first bearer as mentioned within the FD receipt.


Investment sum up to Rs 1.5 lakh inwards a fiscal year qualifies fronting decrement below section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Yet, anecdotal must callup that interest paying/accumulated upon the principal is wholly taxable inwards your hold. Interest parting is added to your income and taxed at the income tax rates relevant to your income slab.If interest payments along FDs with an individual bank outstrip Rs 10,000 inwards a fiscal year, so TDS bequeath be deducted forth the bank. To debar TDS, one can consent to Form15G or Form 15H, as relevant.

Nomination Efficiency:

Nomination power is likewise present.

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