ITR 2020-21: Have You Not Yet Got A Tax Refund? Here’s What you can do

The tax branch tweeted on 23 December that it has refunded complete ₹1,50,863 crore to passage-way than 11.8 million taxpayers betwixt 1 April 2020 and 20 December 2020. Income tax refunds of ₹47,608 crores hold been issued in 11,607,299 cases and corporate tax refunds of ₹1,03,255 crore have been issued in 201,796 cases.

The tax branch has expedited refunds as most of the experts that spoke to said in approximately of the cases they have seen refunds approach in a week’s period. They have seen masses acquiring refunds inwards a week’s time. Something experts have not seen in the preceding. It is occurring in the case of ITR 1 and ITR. It’s assumed that it is occurring imputable to the modern technologically upgraded program (CPC 2.0).

Reason for delay behind the tax refund:

ITR Tax Refund

Experts reported in November that refunds facing 2020 are becoming delayed imputable the tax branch upgrading its program. Having put the incumbrance on the technological issues, the income tax (I-T) section had tweeted in November that it is engaging to a novel, technologically upgraded platform (CPC 2.0) facing quicker processing of ITRs. ITRs facing AY 2020-21 bequeath be refined on CPC 2.0. Albeit they haven’t formally launched the platform still, merely the quicker processing is occurring through the modern platform.

Refunds inwards the matter of ITR 1 and ITR 4 are under processing in about a week’s period of filing of the tax retort. This is occurring beneath the “Jhatpat refund scheme” of the tax branch. Usually, tax refunds are received within 20-45 days from the twenty-four hours of proficiency of processing of ITR according to the Centralized Processing Centre. The taxpayer is eligibly facing a repayment assume up to ₹5 lakh gets direct bank credit inwardly 5 to 7 duty days from the issuing of the refund.

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Nonetheless, repayment may be delayed in action the tax branch has exalted any demand. The tax branch may ascent a request in matters where there is a mismatch betwixt the tax repay filed and the information present with the tax section. Hence, hold an accord along with your mails as the tax section may shaft an inquire. Reply to it swiftly inside the timeline fronting quicker processing of return.

The tax giveback may likewise be delayed in matters where the information of the bank account mentioned is wrong. The bank account inside information can be corrected on-line.

Checking your status of tax refund:

ITR Tax Refund

There are 2 ways of checking the situation of your repay. You can see it within the I-T department’s e-filing portal site as well as on National Securities Depository Ltd’s (NSDL) internet site.

  • You can log into your account within the e-filing portal site ( using your Permanent Account Number (PAN) as your user ID and password below the “registered user” portion. 
  • Once you are logged inside, move to the “view e-Filed Returns/Forms” part. Select income tax returns and the applicable appraisal year. 
  • A fresh page “My Return” will launch and will display the situation of your filed return such as ITR filed, verified, ITR processing, issue of refund, or status of repaying. 
  • Beneath the “status” menu, you can see the mode of payment, refund amount, date of clearance, and so on. 
  • Or else, you can see the refund status on NSDL’s site ( Enter your PAN and select the applicable judgment year to fetch the applicable information.

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