LemonBox Raises $2.5 Million Through Its Seeding Round


Derek Weng founded this startup company mainly after he faced multiple requests from friends and family members about purchasing a particular product when he returns to China. Like any other country, China people also have a habit of believing that ‘import products are better’. This incident has triggered the young entrepreneur to develop a startup company to make their people purchase products from other countries through the online e-commerce platform. Many startup companies in China have been actively involved in developing digital products to improve the lifestyle of the people. This is one such company that is primarily developed to provide a better customer experience.

Most of the product that Weng was requested to purchase was related to the maternity items, cosmetics, and vitamin supplements. These are the common category of items where the majority of the population prefer to consume imports products. It’s estimated that more than billions of dollars are exchanged between different countries around the globe over cosmetic product imports and export. In the year 2018, Weng founded his dream startup company called LemonBox. The prime motto behind starting this company is to sell American health supplements to Chinese millennials through the online internet platforms. It looks like the company will allowing its customers to get products from various regions of different countries mainly from the favorite customers.

Within two years, the online e-commerce platform manufacturing company has achieved great height by being its functional operations. To expand the business and invest in their hardware infrastructure, the company has gone to have investments. During the first round of seeding, the company has received a pre-A round of $2.5 million led by Panda Capital. ist made clear that following the Panda Capital, the company has also received millions of dollars from Y Combinator. LemonBox brings their new strategies in differentiating its online business from other online companies.

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It looks like many startup companies are working on building online platforms for purchasing their product from different countries. LemonBox carries forward its business operation using the two strategy affordability and personalization. It’s said that these attractive measures from the company bring huge investors investing in the firm. The founder of this company has a long time experience working in Walmart, it looks like he’ll applying his experience working on the world-leading retail brand in developing such online import products shopping platform. WeChat is the lite weight chat application developed by the parent company which worlds along with the online import products platform.

Using this online platform, consumers can have a word with the manufacturing company regarding their health issues, and the products manufactured by this company will be customized based on the need of the customers. This is the main feature that brings more online buyers to this startup company. Most of the companies lack this feature where they will be getting what they order during the online platform. By introducing this platform, the company has provided a communication network between the consumer and product manufacturer. The parent company has announced about opening a second fulfillment center in the Shenzhen free trade zone. The company also has a first fulfillment center in Silicon Valley.

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