Blackberry Share Increases After AWS Deal With Amazon

Blackberry is a leading smartphone manufacturing company has been expanding its business in developing hardware devices. The company holds a strong dominance in electronic smart devices manufacturing has a long time experience in developing technical components. It looks like the company will be working along with the Amazon AWS services in its future projects. It looks like these two big companies in the industry will be partnering up for the first time in developing a software application to carry out its vehicle data integration and monitoring platform. Soon after this announcement, many international media brought it out to millions of people through online blog posts and offline newspapers.

It’s quite clear that this deal will bring Blackberry a huge reputation in the sensor market where many players are excelling in the last couple of years. It looks like this application will be based on the IoT platform where the sensors provide information in the digital form either through graphs or charts regarding the progress. This will help the automobile manufacturing companies to analyze and provide a proper solution for the problems and keep the vehicle in regular maintenance. Sensors in the automobile industry have been growing at an enormous speed, it looks like there will be a great demand for these products in the future.

Soon after the announcement from the company, the share of Blackberry rose up to 35%. Its quite clear that these companies have received millions of dollars as an initial investment from its prime investors. In the long run, the investors who have invested in the company might be fetching a decent amount of return every year. Amazon has been integrating with multiple companies in extending its online services and financial help in building their applications. This integration with the giant Amazon will bring in the potential to integrate their product with the automobile vehicles.

Amazon AWS
Amazon AWS Still

From manufacturing the smartphone device, the company has entered into the developing security applications and other information integration services. It’s quite clear that the company is planning to extend its business by adapting to the current generation trend. Prior to this Blackberry was having technical guidance and resource sharing with a few startup companies. Advancement in computer technologies has brought in new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. These two computational features hold numerous potential in developing high equipped software components.

Prior to the Blackberry have announced during the start of this year that it will be integrating with the AWS for taking forward their new project to collect data from the automobile device through the sensors technology. It was expected that this deal might get signed during the mid of the year, due to the global lockdown and other unavoidable circumstances the deal has been delayed for the last couple of months. BlackBerry QNX technology which was introduced five years before has been quite successful.  This computer technology was used in the 60 million cars developed by the leading automobile manufacturing companies.  To reach the threshold and the need for such components, BlackBerry has been continuously involving in carrying out their research and development.

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