India Plans To Ban 43 Chinese Applications Over Cybersecurity Threat

Government authorities of India have been taking action against allowing the android application developed by the different countries. The world’s second-largest internet market has been along forward its cyber action in banning the Chinese android applications. Prior to the country has already banned several Chinese applications to protect its people against ts cyber attacks and restricting those companies from stealing users’ personnel data. Along with India, several other countries around the globe has already banned much Chinese application and also have been putting restriction to have trade with the Chinese government. The downfall of Huawei is one of the prime reseasons for the trade restriction between different other countries.

It looks like this situation might last longer for years mainly due to the global tension between different countries. Its sid that Indian being one of the highest internet users have already banned 175 mobile application originated from its neighboring country China. This has forced hundreds of software manufacturing companies to face millions of losses in the last couple of months. It looks like the loss inherited by these companies might increase in the upcoming days. It looks like the cybersecurity problem of these mobile applications played a crucial role in banning from global countries.

Most of the applications which are banned are based on gaming and entertainment. It’s said that more than a million users were using those applications without having knowledge of the data security and piracy issues. Even though many countries have been closely monitoring software manufacturing companies application on data theft, we could be to come across the illegal activities which are taking place over the internet. It looks like the cold war between these two superpower countries might bring in major changes in the global economy. It’s quite clear that the smartphone manufacturing companies located in Chine might also be facing huge trouble due to these restrictions.

Pubg Still

The revised order over restricting the Chinese mobile application has been restructured by allowing a few applications after confirming its data privacy and cybersecurity. It looks like PUBG Mobile and TikTok are the two mobile application which has received permission to operate inside the Indian subcontinent region. This two application holds million of users from Indian which generated the app development companies to generate millions of dollars every month. It reporters that this application has created a huge impact among the youngsters in the last couple of months through its innovative entertainment functionalities.

Tencent-backed popular short video service Snack Video is one of the applications which has been restricted by the Government of Indian for operating inside their region. In the last couple of years, many startup companies from Chine have emerged powerful companies through their quality product and service. Alibaba is one of the largest eCommerce online platforms that have been restricting Amazon from being operating inside the Chinese region. It looks like the Chinese government is providing more priority to the CHina origin software companies by restricting the foreign invaders inside the country to dominate the digital market.


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