Intellect, Mental Health Startup Company Reaches 1 Million Users Within 6 Months

The Singapore-based startup which is basically focused on improving the mental health of the individual has recently reached 1 million users within a short span of time. It’s quite clear that many companies are concentrating on improving its uses mental health through various games. This application comes with multiple positive thoughts and operations which engages users in relieving their mental stress and other negative vibrations. Metal health is one of the important factors that is affecting teenage people and early adults in their everyday life. It’s said that this android application developing startup company has reached 1 million users within a short span of time within 6 months.

The reach of this startup brings an idea over the importance of mental health that the majority of the population are looking for. Even though there are many entertainment centers which are working on educating the people on improving their mental health, the online application provides space for the users in choosing their timing and access documents from their home without any manual intervention. The company has also taken over the seeding round led by Insignia Ventures Partners. Even though the company hasn’t announced the amount of investment that investors have made in the company.

Intellect offers two core products for enhancing the mental health of the users. A consumer app is a kind of mobile application which is basically developed with self-guided programs. This program has a cognitive behavioral therapy technique as its core theme. These applications are more focused on self-esteem, anxiety, or relationship issues. This is the primary mobile application developed by the company as an initial product. Following the success of this product, the company has also introduced a mental health platform for employers. This application is generally built to provide a telehealth service called Behavioural Health Coaching for the users.

Intellect Still

The core theme of this product is to connect the users who are looking for expert suggestions. The service offered by the company also comes with one-on-one video sessions which is a general platform for connecting users with experts in mental health improvement. Its also made clear that this application provides unlimited text messaging which is the core theme of the product where the user can maintain a decent relationship with the mental health experts in clearing their doubts. It looks like this online startup company reaches 10,000 employees from various regions of different parts of the country.

Intellect is having a tie-up with numerous multinational companies in South Asian countries. Intellect’s seed round is mainly focused on expanding their software products in different countries trying to reach millions of people through their mobile phones. Its also said that the company is in talks with the other educational institutions and universities in bringing new innovations in their hardcore products. Soon after the pandemic, the team member is approaching numerous MNC companies with the motive to advise the management in engaging their employees in their software products to maintain their decent mental health. It expected this application will be reaching millions of people in the upcoming years mainly due to the internal hardcore theme which they are currently working on.

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