Unacademy Raises Huge Investment At $2 Billion Valuation

Unacademy leading online educational platform has raised huge investment from its value investors for expanding their educational business through the internet platforms. Educational startups in Indian has been upgrading itself to meet the demands of the school and college student. The pandemic has heavily boosted the progress of these online educational platforms where students are attending their respective classes from the Home. It looks like these platforms have great potential in the upcoming days where millions of active students will be actively involved in these platforms leading academic and other skills.

Unacademy is mainly focused on K-12 online education has been improving its visual educational content for the last couple of years. The company has made an official statement that it has raised a decent amount of funds from the two big investors. Tiger Global Management and Dragoneer Investment Group are the two major investing firms which have deployed a huge amount in this next generation online educational platform. Even though Unacademy hasn’t disclosed the amount invested from both these investing firms. It looks like The investment might be between $75 million – $100 million. It’s quite clear that four-and-a-half-year-old educational startup is valued at $2 billion, its added that the valuation of this online educational platform has been drastically increased soon after the lockdown.

Its estimate that the valuation has improved up to $500 million within the last couple of months. The growth of this is estimated to reach greater heights during the upcoming financial years. Many startup software development companies have started developing such online educational software applications for teaching the student through innovative methods. This online educational software application is mainly targeted at the student who is preparing for the competitive exams and either college experience exams. Along with the educational videos and documents, the platform also provides students with the application and test for evaluating their academics.

Unacademy Still

It’s estimated that the online platform currently holds  47,000 educators teaching various subjects and academics actively. Its looks like the platform have been increasing its bandwidth in developing its educational platform in metro cities to grab attention from the millions of student and parents. Its made clear that the startup company is currently aiming in teaching students from the 5000 cities. For making it easier for the student the platform has also made their documents and other videos in 14 different native languages. It’s said that the company will also be developing educational content in various other languages in the upcoming years.  These are the features that bring more traffic for this platform which makes it handy for training the student through their native language option.

Unacademy has made clear that the online platform is conducting over 150,000 live classes each month. It’s estimated that more than a million students are participating in the new courses learning new skills and other technologies. It’s said that the platform currently records  2 billion minutes per month which is quite a huge number for a startup educational platform. In recent months, The company has held an interview with several leading academicians and educational experts on a wide range of topics which has helped the online student to get additional information from the external participants.

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