HungryPanda Raises $70 Million For Expanding Its Business Globally

The food delivery business is considered as the crown jewel in the upcoming tear has already started receiving great demand from its consumers. It’s quite clear that the demand for this software application will receive a decent amount of traffic in the upcoming year, mainly because of the cultural change that has started revolutionizing in different countries. This pandemic has forced several consumers to stay home and experience their favorite cuisine ordering through online food delivery applications. It’s quite clear that the investors who were eyeing these platforms have invested millions of dollars with a notice that these companies might fetch them a decent amount of returns in the upcoming years.

Hungry Panda is a Mandarin-language app that is developed basically to target the Chinese people who are residing outside of Chine. The company has started operating in different countries, which have been quite successful when compared with the other online food ordering applications. Hungry Panda has raised $70 million during its seeding process; it looks like the company will expanding its business model in many countries to serve the Chinese people. Many startup software companies are developing online applications for seeing people right from their homes. It looks like these companies will have high potential in the upcoming days where they can reach millions of people by extending their service.

IUts expected that this company will make more tie-ups with Chinese restaurants and Asian grocery stores located in various regions of different parts of the countries. Based on the estimates conducted by the leading educational institutions, it looks like more the 50 million Chinese people are living away from China where there are chances that might suffer language difference. This is one such android application mainly developed to help those needy people who are looking for information in their native language. Even though Google has introduced a translation feature in its search engine, Stil many startup companies are working on enhancing the user-friendly customer experience.

American Dollars Still

It’s said that this online application is actively operating in 47 cities in different countries. Its claimed that the application has frequent customers coming in from countries like Canada, U.K, and France. It looks like the company will be expanding gits most of the food delivery business in the south Asian countries where more Chinese people are employed by foreign manufacturing companies. It is expected that this application might find it a hard time dealing with other governments where they have tightened access for the Chinese application from its market. Some of the developing counties and developed countries have already removed the Chinese application from the play store and stopping those applications to operate in their region.

The trade war between China and America has forced these countries to stop several imports and exports of the products. America has also advised some of its friendly nations to take serious steps against China like banning their application and suspending the tax benefits. Its quite clear that this online food delivery application has to concentrate more on its operational procedure before entering new regional territories.

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