Black Friday Online Shopping Faces Decent Spike And Local Stores Down By 52%

As predicted by the experts and online analyst the online sales during the Black Friday has gone through the roofs this year. It looks like the majority of the shopping happened over the online e-commerce platforms, whereas few adapted to purchase using the traditional local stores. It looks like the pandemic has changes the phase of shopping as every individual is looking for a safe option to carry out their purchase orders. Even though the government has relaxed its restrictions on public gatherings and social distancing, fear forces people to stay indoors. It looks like this phase of shopping will prevail for a few more months.

Online e-commerce platforms have improved their infrastructure to manage high online traffic by placing numerous servers to reduce their drop-time. It’s estimated that consumers have spent over $9 billion shopping through various online e-commerce platforms. The increase in online shopping has been drastically increased mainly due to the fact that most of the startup companies have launched its online platform, which gives numerous offers and additional discounts. It’s said that the sale during Black Friday has been drastically increased when compared with the last year’s Black Friday.

It’s said that the  22% increase over from the 2019 Black Friday. It claimed that online purchases took over an estimate of  $7.4 billion set in 2019. Amazon, one of the leading players in the online e-commerce platform has introduced multiple offers during Black Friday, which attracted millions of people to carry out their shopping experience. Simultaneously, the sales through the local stores have been drastically affected mainly due to the Covid restrictions. Many local stores also restricted the shopping time to prevent their customers from the deadly virus.

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It’s said that the local stores shopping has been dropped up to 52% which is was earlier predicted by multiple firms and analysts. It’s clear that the next generation of shopping takes place completely through the online platforms providing the customers a hassle frees hopping experience. It looks like a logistics company might face a huge load of goods and materials from being transferred from the warehouse to the customers. The online eCommerce platform has employed numerous artificial intelligence robots in carrying out the order operations which helps these companies to ship the product within a short span of time.

Northeast and West regions of the united states of America faced less order traffic when compared with the Midwest and South regions.  Jewelry and footwear categories in the online platforms received much fewer orders when compared with the other products that are present on those platforms. It looks like electronic products are one of the highest sold products where the majority of the people preferred to choose home applications and other electronic applications for entertainment purposes. It looks like the same trend might follow even after the end of the pandemic, mainly because of the thousands of products that are available on the mobile screen.

These platforms have provided its customers with additional discounts and it also gives suggestions and reviews from the customers which have previously ordered. This feature greatly helps the customers in selecting their products and guiding them towards choosing its proper parameters like size and shape.

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