Spotify CEO Daniel Ek Net Worth

Daniel Ek net worth

Whenever we want to relax or take a break, Spotify is always there for us. Daniel Ek is the co-founder and CEO of this music streaming heaven, Spotify. He founded Spotify in the year 2006. At the initial point, Spotify is for only Europe, and now it is available on every continent. In this article, we will reveal Daniel Ek’s net worth. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Early Life And Career of Daniel Ek

Daniel Ek was born in Stockholm, Swedan on Fenruary 21, 1983. He started his business at thirteen when all the other kids were busy playing with toys. He used to make websites for his clients. In the initial stage of his career, he used to charge $100 for one website, but later, he started charging $5000. Ek started motivating his school friends to take his business to a higher level. By 18, he did a business of $50,000 a month with a team of 25 people. After this, he started studying engineering and dropped out as he wanted to pursue a career in IT.

Ek founded Tredera in the year 1999, which was a Swedish-based online marketplace. After this, he started another venture Stardoll which was browser-based gaming and fashion community. In 2006, Ek founded a company Advertigo an online advertising company. He then became the CEO of uTorrent but later resigned when it was acquired by Bit Torrent.

The Ek sold off his Advertigo and decided that he was going to retire. But, after a few days, he took another decision to start a new project. In the year 2006, he co-founded Spotify. In the year 2008, Spotify became a legal music streaming platform. Spotify is the largest music streaming platform, with 365 million monthly users. It has more than 70 million songs. Spotify has raised a total of $58 billion. Daniel Ek has a share of $6.3 billion.

Daniel Ek net worth

Net Worth of Daniel Ek

Now that we have enough information about Daniel Ek’s Early life and career, it is time to reveal Daniel Ek’s net worth. Daniel Ek has a whopping net worth of $5 billion. Ek owns a total of 9% of Spotify. In 2018, Spotify went public with a total valuation of $28 billion. Now, Spotify has more than 70 million people who are paying for the subscription.

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Apart from this, Ek is very outspoken regarding the rights of a particular startup. He gives full support to the people and challenges the government if they are making any trouble. Recently, he spoke about the high taxation policy, making it very difficult for bigger companies.

This was all about Daniel Ek’s net worth. Meanwhile, stay connected to Today’s Ecommerce for more updates.