Samsung Has Announced Raise In Sale During The Global Lockdown


South Korean tech giant, Samsung has announced its last quarter result. It looks like operating profit for the last quarter has been considerably increased even during the tough pandemic situation. Its made clear that the sale of the company has reached new heights reaching the two-year high of 12.35 trillion. This raise in the company’s profit is a  59% jump from a year. Samsung has been upgrading its products to provide its users with advanced computational features and specifications. It’s said that the sale of smartphone devices, computer memory chips, and other electronic appliances has been considerably increased over time.

Samsung has a wide range of electronic applications and also has a strong distribution network in various regions of different parts of the countries. Samsung has launched several new model smartphones starting from the basic variant to the high-range product. These devices could able to attract millions of fans towards their new products. Its made clear that the company is currently planning to launch its new model 5G supported smartphones in the global market. It’s expected that this new model smartphone might increase the company’s revenue to reach new heights mainly because of its fast internet connectivity option.

It looks like most of their products are sold through various online platforms in different countries. Most of the Samsung local stores have been completely shut down during the time of lockdown which has pushed the company to sell their products over the online e-commerce platforms. Under the management of the new CEO, the company has been developing their new products which intern brings in a decent amount of profit through their sales pitch. Samsung has partnered with many startup companies for analyzing and providing feedback from its users around the globe.

Samsung CEO
Samsung CEO Still

The company is known for developing high-quality electronic products that use advanced computational technologies. Samsung has been evolving as a tech giant in the global electronic manufacturing industry by launching its new products. In developing semiconductors for the smartphone the company has been expanding its business in proving its domination in manufacturing memory chips. This feature will help the company to built storage devices exclusively for storage purposes. It looks like the company will invest $100 billion over the next decade for improving its internal hardware features and specifications.

It looks like there will be a huge demand for advanced chips in the upcoming years. Many chip manufacturing industries are already building new logic chips exclusively for computational operations. The need for developing advanced computational chips is mainly pushed by the fifth generation (5G) wireless services. It looks like Samsung is interested in building its artificial intelligence feature in its device which helps the device to increase its user-friendly experience. Networked computing is one of the advanced computational technology that Samsung has been carrying out its research and development for a quite long period of time.

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