Android 13 Is Finally Out Now

Android 13

Google’s mobile operating system introduced its new version Android 13, with all the new features and upgrades. Interestingly, the code name of Android 13 is Tiramisu. We have been waiting for Android 13 for a long time but now that it has come, there are hardly any groundbreaking changes. Android 13 was recently released in beta but will probably be released in its official version in August or September.

How to Download Android 13?

To download Android 13, you will require a Google Pixel phone or any other android phone. There are some manufacturers of mobile phones which is eligible to run the beta. If your device is one of those manufacturers, it will get supported.

So, your device gets supported, and you signed up, then it is time to download and install the new beta release with an OTA update which means over-the-air. However, the beta releases can sometimes be glitchy and unstable. To overcome the glitches, update your phone beforehand, or you will lose all the data.

So, without any glitches, you successfully updated with the new beta. Now, there will be new updates. For double check, you can go to Settings > System > System Update and then click Check for Update.

What would you do if you didn’t like Android 13 and wanted to go back to Android 12? In this case, you have to go to Google’s Android Beta Page. Then, in the device’s list, you have to choose your device’s name, and then you have to hit Opt Out. This process might wipe your saved data. Make sure to have a backup.

Android 13

Android 13 Features

Previously, Android 12 had gone through a lot of changes. But, in the latest Android 13, there have been some minor changes.

  • Customization

Android 13 has a lot of colors to choose from in the theme options. Android 12 can only choose from wallpaper colors and basic colors. In Android 13, you can choose from a total of 16 colors. All you have to do is go to the settings and then click on Wallpaper and Style so that you can choose a new color theme option.

  • Privacy

In Android 13, there has been an upgrade of privacy too. If we look at our media files, there are categories of images, videos, and audio files. In the new privacy feature, when you have to access something from your media file, you can specify the photo and video you want to show rather than going through the photo library.

  • Notifications

You will get so frustrated by the number of notifications on your head. Now, in Android 13, apps will ask for your permission before sending the notification. In Android 12, notifications will be sent by default.

This was all about the new version of Android 13. Download it now to witness its great features and the number of color options for the wallpaper and theme.

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