Positive Announcement From Pfizer-BioNTech On COVID-19 Vaccine Made Global Market Reach Heights

Global Market

Soon after the positive announcement from the Pfizer-BioNTech companies, the global economic market has shown a sudden spike. It’s reported that this change in the global economy was spotted in every Asian and European country. It looks like November month will be the business month for the majority of the entrepreneurs where they can kick-start their business after a couple of months. These two companies have reported that their newly developed corona vaccines have produced a 90 percent efficacy in preventing the virus. It’s quite clear that these vaccines from the drug manufacturing company will be made available for the public once it gets officially tested by the medical experts.

It was expected that the medicine might take quite some time for normal usage. Even though these two companies haven’t announced the release date of the vaccine, it looks like the vaccine might be coming up within a few months. There are sources that suggest that this vaccine will be completely made available during the mid of 2021 without any delay. There are few other drug development companies around the world that have shown a positive result in tackling the virus. The majority of the companies have completed the initial testing process of these vaccines and is currently in the final testing phase. Once it gets confirmed by those organizations, we can expect another boom in the global market. During this announcement shares of the leading MNC companies showed a sudden spike which clearly indicates that the investors are ready to invest in the share market.

Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine
Pfizer-BioNTech Still

This announcement from the companies has given hope for the market share for future development. The global market faced a crash during the month of March where the majority of the stocks showed a sudden dip making the investors lose their millions of dollars. It was predicted by the global economic experts that a positive new on the corona vaccine might bring in a sudden spike in the oscillation phase of the market. Based on the information from the sources, it’s stated that MSCI’s all-country world index has exceeded from the past before corona. This announcement from the drug manufacturing company came together with the presidential election which increased its strength along with the global change to push the market.

In the US stock market, the index projected a sudden spike of  4.8 percent to 6,195 points along with that it was also reported that an increase of 285 points in the S&P 500. Most of the gained of this announcement were the losers during the market crash which happened during the month of March. The majority of the companies in the US faced a strong time dealing with the virus. This has completely stopped the imports and exports between countries.  There was economic tension which forced the companies to lay-off their employees. The positive result by Pfizer-BioNTech in developing the COVID-19 vaccine will push these companies to carry out their final testing operations. If all the testing phase gets completed with the positive remark, these companies will be the game-changer in the pharma field. It expected that many world countries will be making million dollar deal with these companies to provide their solution to develop the vaccine.

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