MG Motor Partners With Other Automobile Companies To Educate Youngsters

MG Motor has partnered with two of the leading companies in developing skilled manpower for the automobile industry. MG Motor has recently entered the South Asian Indian subcontinent through their automobile products, it looks like the company will be setting up manufacturing units in different parts of the country for assembling its hardware products. As an initial stage of the manufacturing process, this automobile manufacturing company has partnered with the Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC) and Autobot India. The main motive behind this partnering program is to engage human sources in the Dakshta program. This program has been conducted to train unskilled labor and providing instrumental guidance about the Artificial Intelligence used in the core manufacturing unit of the automobile industry.

Many automobile manufacturing companies are aiming to reduce manual operations in their industries. This program with other educational institutes also provides knowledge about electric vehicles and the technology which is used in manufacturing such vehicles. MG has already initiated multiple projects to develop next-generation vehicles through its Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric program. This program provides both online and offline courses for improving the skill set of the student on knowing about the latest technologies.  High-end car technologies used by the automobile manufacturing companies located around the world will be included in the curriculum.

The eight-module training program conducted by the institutes and automobile manufacturing company will provide students with a practical live demo session where they can acquire knowledge on the industry experience. This program was framed for improving employability among the youngest who are passionate about succeeding in the automobile field. By creating skilled manpower will allow these companies to utilize their potential in developing new products. It’s said that this program will be initially carried out through online learning mainly due to the COVID situation later it will be transformed into the regular offline courses for better and easy understanding.

MG Motor
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These giants in the automobile manufacturing business have been facing new problems mainly due to the technology-cost curve. Using Roberts and other artificial intelligence will help these companies to reduce their manufacturing cost in the upcoming days Already many automobile companies have employed robots spending millions of dollars that are equipped to operate on their own using the logic algorithm which is running behind those processors. The automobile industry is continuously experimenting with many new technologies to invest in hybrid technology or electric vehicles. It’s quite clear that these industries will be transforming the way that these vehicles are consuming power for operating.

Many automobile manufacturing companies have already started developing electric vehicles. These vehicles manufactured by the companies shave strived hard to perform better on roads. Robots used in the automobile industry are programmed by engineers who are in the field for quite a long prior of time.  It looks like there will be a huge need for engineers who can program such hardware machines through their skillful programming skills. Many automobile manufacturing industries are planning to set up their manufacturing companies in the south Asian countries so that they can increase their production by employing skillful engineers.

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