Savile Row Started Using Personal Robots For Carrying Out Measurements

Savile Row

Savile Row is a men’s dressing cloth manufacturing firm that has been in the tailoring business for more than a decade. This firm has a strong audience base in European countries from where it generated millions of dollars every year by delivering the desired products to its customers. Due to the pandemic and tough environmental situation, this firm has diverted its business to adapt to the new technological trends and computer innovations in carrying out their business operations. To bring in new changes to survive the highly competitive industry, it has adapted to use new strategies. Almost every local business owner has been working with startup companies to bring in new changes.

It looks like artificial intelligence and machine learning are the two new features that have the ability to transform almost every company located around the world. The tailor who was working in the Savile Row has taken the measurements of a client 5,500 miles away using the latest artificial intelligence. It looks like many clothing line manufacturing companies will be taking forward similar advanced technologies to increase their revenue during the lockdown. It explains that the measurement of its customers is carried through the robots. The tailor, Dario Carnera who an expert in the field of manufacturing custom-made clothing for its customers who operated the Robert from the second floor of Huntsman.

Tailor was dealing with the customer who was present in their clothing store located in ¬†Seoul, South Korea. It’s quite surprising how the technology is proving its potential in delivering innovative products which saves time and allows people to access various services through computational advancements. Carnera was visible through the iPad device where he was communicating with the client through the video calling feature. This allows the tailor and the customer to share their suggestions with each other. It looks like the device is placed above the movable robots which go across the customers in finding out the measurement.

Savile Row
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It’s said using this advanced technology, a tailor could able to roughly note down¬† 20 measurements which are mandatory for carrying out the stitching process. It looks like the clothing industry will be experiencing operations similar to this in the upcoming days. These robotic operations will completely eliminate manual operations in the future through their enhancements and other computational processes. Many startup companies are actively working on developing next-generation technologies in image processors. This feature will automatically detect the users and adjust its lens focus in catering to the image without any kind of image noise.

The clothing-line manufacturing company has been working on developing a robot idea to measure. Soon after the lockdown which was raised during the month of March, the company started taking up this front idea for real-time implementation. The company had six robots that were exclusively designed to carry out remote operations around the world. These electronic devices are connected to internet sources which makes it easier for the client source to get connected with the receiver end. Live video streaming platform has enabled the developer to create digital products which could bring in some of the major transformations in various other industries.


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