Boeing Suffers For Two Months With Zero Orders

Boeing is known for manufacturing highly sophisticated flight for a long period of time.  They have been in the business for a quite long period of time. The company is instrumental in designing highly engineered aircraft which basically targeted for comfort and luxury. Due to the tough situation, Boeing has reported that they have no new orders for manufacturing new flights in the last couple of months.  It looks like the orders for the new 37 aircraft came off-book which makes the total count be null. Prior to this many flights, companies have been in regular contact with the aircraft manufacturing companies for purchasing new aircraft. The aircraft manufacturing companies have reported a decent amount of profit during the last couple of years.

The company has reported that it has manufactured 13 airliners in the last month, down from 20 in October 2019, and delivered to its respective customers. This information from the company clearly gives an idea of the drop in the revenue that the company has been fetching when compared with the last year. Boeing has been generating a decent amount of revenue only through delivering the newly designed aircraft to the customers. For the last couple of months, many airline companies around the world have stooped their services to travel across different countries. Only a minimal number of aircraft are being operated to transport men and material between different countries. It’s expected that it might take another year for settling the dispute which has caused zero orders from the international flight companies.

Even though many companies are operating their storage carrier for transporting materials from one country to another country, it doesn’t fetch the expected revenue to the companies. Rival Airbus could able to receive orders from the various companies around the globe. It’s said that Airbus has received over single new order during the last month along with that the company has also delivered 72 planes in October. Even though both these companies are facing a severe financial threat during the last couple of months, it expected that condition might get some relief in some time. Commercial aircraft companies are facing a huge threat during this period of time making it hard for managing their expenses like paying salary to their employees and other operations.

Airbus Still

Boeing has officially announced that they have lost orders for 12 Max jets in October from their customers.  Meanwhile, Boeing came forward and dropped 25 Max jets to control their financial weakness. It looks like many buyers have backed their previous orders due to unavoidable conditions. Boeing is in talks with U.S. safety regulators to analyze their safety software that the company has developed to ensure safe flights. Prior to this its new model air carrier was facing multiple safety threats which lead to an explosion that killed around 345 passengers. There are several other parameters that are suppressing the smooth flow of the aviation industry. Even though many countries have provided permission to operate flights between the states. There are still restrictions on flights that operate between two different countries.

These aircraft manufacturing companies are experimenting with new software and other utility application to improve their performance of the flight. These software applications come with multiple artificial intelligence applications which makes it better for analyzing the performance which will be later used for enhancements.

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