Scientific Games Appoints Michael Eklund As Company’s New Chief Financial Officer

Scientific Games announced on Friday that the company has hired Michael Eklund as company’s New Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and he will resume his responsibilities on June 1, 2020. The company’s new Chief Financial Officer, Michael Eklund, has previously spent 20 years at Dell Technologies and served in both operational and financial roles.

Michael Eklund also served as the Chief Financial Officer of Dell’s 40 billion USD global organizations and business unit. Most recently, Michael Eklund served as the Chief Financial Officer at IRI, a leading data and analytic services provider.

Chief Executive Officer of Scientific Games, Barry Cottle said, “Mike Quartieri has done an outstanding job over the last four years building a world class financial team, revitalizing our financial management and refinancing our debt.  The Board of Directors and I are very grateful for Mike’s constant dedication to the success of the Company and its people.  Mike now wants to move to a new industry with new challenges after many years in the gaming business.”

“He wanted to leave earlier this year but, after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Mike agreed to stay to help the Company with that crisis.  Mike has led our efforts to reduce our cash burn while preserving key operations, developing plans to manage through the pandemic, preparing to be an even stronger competitor as we emerge from the crisis and working with our lenders to get our Credit Agreement amended to provide covenant relief,” Barry added.

“We are very fortunate to have Mike Eklund join us starting on June 1.  He has a wealth of experience in financial and operational leadership and a passion for aligning all aspects of a company’s finance and operations with its core business model that positions him well to build on Mike Quartieri’s legacy,” company’s CEO Barry concluded.

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