Disney Announced Its Fourth Quarter Results For 2020

Walt Disney

Walt Disney Co is a world leader in amusement parks and other fun parks, The company has a chain of parks which has attracted millions of people every year. Walt Disney Co has reported a fourth-quarter loss during the current fiscal year. It looks like the management might be coming up with multiple safety features and other precautionary measures to reopen their parks around the globe. The parent company owns businesses around the globe starting from amusement parks to streaming services they have a wide range of businesses dealing with multiple customers at the same time. It’s said that their popular streaming service is currently under restructuring progress which has inherited millions of dollars.

It was officially announced by the management that the company has lost a million-dollar revenue from the California theme parks which were considered as a gold mining business model for the company. The company owns parks in various places of the world which was generating a decent amount of profit every year. The company came forward and announced the fourth-quarter loss on Thursday. It looks like the company has been into the business for a quite long period of time where they have been expanding their business strategies into different streams to compete with the current marketing trend.

Companies move into the video streaming service has been generating a decent amount of profit through investments and other revenues. It’s estimated that more than a million active subscribers are watching the films and television series from the library collections. The company has also shared that the results are not as bad as it was expecting a huge loss which is caused by the pandemic. The tourism and the traveling industry have suffered million-dollar losses during the year. Walt Disney is mainly based on tourism and traveling where the people would love to spend time in their parks enjoying many amusements.

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Even before the pandemic, Disney has been suffering major losses mainly due to the choice which it opted for streaming the featured films. Marvel theatrical releases to Disney cruises have caused major loss to the company which is expected that the management might have paid more than 10 million dollars in receiving the streaming service of the films. Even though the company has a healthy partnership with the leading production companies around the globe, they wouldn’t able to compete with other streaming services. It looks like this streaming platform has reached 73.7 million subscribers during the time of the pandemic. There are many startup companies that have developed their own streaming online platforms for broadcasting their films and television series.

In October, Disney has made new plans to restructure its streaming services by concentrating on the three major verticals. It looks like they have a framed business model for sports, general entertainment, and its studios. The entertainment portfolio of the streaming service comes with Star Wars and Marvel visual content. These two are the major companies which have millions of audience base around the globe. They have been creating featured films and television series for a quite long period of time. Disney has reported a loss of $629 million during the fourth quarter of the year which in technical words drop of 39% in their total market share. To manage the losses which the company has faced during the time of pandemic it has announced to layoff  28,000 staffers. The traffic for its parks located in  California and Florida has been drastically reduced over the last three months of time.

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