Marks & Spencer To Use Digital Product For Testing Purpose

Clothing brand Marks & Spencer has announced their partnership with two of the software manufacturing startup companies who are in the marketing business for quite a long period of time. Marks & Spencer is actively working on bringing out some of the new products to the market through its research programs and marketing strategies. Digital product testing solution developed by Insight helps the company in the analysis of their new product before making it available in the market. This software solution uses artificial intelligence in determining the cloth material for different body posture. Along with that, software has the ability to determine the market scope of the product and suggesting strategies for reaching out to the right age group. Insight has been performing with many MNC helping them marketing their newly designed products. 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software developed by Optitex helps the company in understanding the customer base on its products. The algorithms used in these applications analyze the trend using the internet connection from the online social media network.

This tool from Optitex also provides extra supports by providing instructions on the digital workflows. The company claims that it has also included a new feature to increase the reach of the product in the real-time market by advertising through social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. Sustainable sampling processes included in the software device helps in reducing the waste material of the product manufactured by the clothing brand.  The consumer-driven predictive analytics software solution developed by Insight helps Marks & Spencer to have a wide knowledge of their product’s performance in the real time market. The design of the product helps the company in determining the current market trend and people chose before starting their manufacturing process. This is a key feature that is mostly expected by the popular clothing brands where they can avoid huge loss of manufacturing the wrong product.

The decision in Buying and pricing their wide range of product are enhanced through this software product. Marks & Spencer has been manufacturing products related to footwear, apparel, accessories, food, and home for a quite long period of time. The company holds a considerable amount of share on the market space and has been dominating every year by increasing its share margin. It looks like the company is relying on software applications for planning their strategies in the upcoming years. These products have a great response from the industry where they provide an optimized solution for the problems that the industry has been facing for quite a long period of time. 3D CAD visualizations are the key feature that the company is adapting to designing their products in recent times. Transition to using software products in testing by removing the manual operations have increased the sales of their product up to 50%.

Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer Stil

Elaine Wheeler, Digital Product head at Marks & Spencer has expressed that there are interested in exploring the potential of these software devices so that they can improve their performance in the industry much better than before. He has also added that the company is focusing on customer-focused digital innovation in its business to improve its user-friendly business relationship.  It looks like the company is interested in developing winning products that their customers are looking for. These software applications bring out 50% of the feedback much quicker to the product development team and merchant partners. It’s expected that more such digital products will be used in their future business for generating decent revenue.

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