Eco Survey: Need To See Agriculture As A Modern Enterprise

Eco Survey

The economical survey suggested the government seeks the farming sphere as a “modern business enterprise” for which “urgent reforms” are requisite to enable sustainable and lucid progression. Farming and kindred activities were the exclusive shining position amid the move in GDP proficiency of alternative sectors, clocking a growth rate of 3.4% at stable prices during 2020-21. 

As the study applauded the donation of the sphere to the rising green shoots of the Indian economy, it likewise added that current farming reforms (against which farmers are provoking) were a remediate and not a disposition. The 3 farming reform legislation is intentional and intended chiefly to face the encouragement of shrimp and fringy farmers, which follow about 85 percent of the total measure of growers.

The “Urgent Reforms” Required For The Agriculture Sector:

Eco Survey

As compared to highly-developed economies, Research and Development (R&D) investiture in farming in India is minuscular at about 0.3% of farming GDP. It is vital to deck a necessary portion of the GDP inwards R&D to power rising challenges of climate fortuity, nourishment and nutriment protection, stagnating yields, and galloping price of inputs and wastages.

Second, the demand of the time is an investment in technologies that are ingenious, user-friendly, and ones that bestow customized solutions to the needs of intermediate and shrimp landholding farmers. To promise technology-led accretion for farming, the Budget should succor investiture in new-age technologies that meliorate farm economics fourth reduction the price of yield and wastages at pre and post-harvest stages. Promoting farm automation technologies with an apt cultivator to cultivator renting models will deed as a throttle to exuberate farming yield.

Loaning to hire the BPL smallholder farmers will raise automation which is presently unavailable facing this marginal section. Exactitude technologies bequeath assist in producing adit with lesser input and will stepwise allure to low uptake of farm strength, seed, fertilizers, and pesticides. Technological innovations fronting soil and water preservation are essential, as almost 90% of freshwater indrawn in India is used fronting farming intend and lessening in soil biological matter leads to crude and stagnating yields.  The regaining of soil wellness and sustainable water utilization administration surely requires witting observation. 

Eco Survey

Enhancing the utilize of ICT and digital technologies bequeath supplies real-time commercialized information and increase services to farmers.  Continuing diligence of technologies that create solutions for nutriment monitoring, quality assaying and traceability parting too be evenly vital, as post covid nutriment safeguard becomes adit critical than always earlier.  India needfully a sovereign Agri Technology Governing Council comprising of public and private involution and insurance promulgate to create contributive Agri startup ecosystem in India. It is likewise vital to construct linkages with Agri universities at the state grade to form partnership projects at grass-root grade. Thirdly, the government should possess a particular centering on strengthening Agri statistics to carve notice arbitrage on information off sowing, crop fortuity, prices, and alternate critical parameters. The employ of Agri-stack reinforced on a base of farmers database can bestow clamant approach of riotous innovations at their threshold and will allure to instruction impelled determination devising. 

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Besides, interpretation of scientific store technologies will moreover fortify FPOs. Currently, the stout potency of storage arrangement and conveyable warehouse gross in electronic fabricate (e-NWR) is unfulfilled.  Strengthening the warehouse arrangement in-country bequeath enables farmers and FPOs to flood their produce afterward harvesting and helps counter damage sales. The function of a warehouse in the future is passing to follow adit than a normal storehouse. Creating fresh capacities with technical features and sophisticated operative measurement inwards Agri warehousing is vital. 

Bottom Line:

It has been inspiriting to mark the government’s onset to change the crisis into a chance by musing a stride towards the long-pending reforms inwards the farming sphere. Moving onward, interpretation of technology at diverse levels of the string and design of Agri Council in aura with GST Council for a unified advance betwixt Centre, state and whole implicated ministries will follow suitably.

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