Elon Musk Claims Biggest Challenge Lies In Cutting Down the Manufacturing Cost

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet has been reaching a new height in recent months. It’s said that this hardware device is pushing its limits and proving very high-speed internet better from what they initially claimed. It’s reported that the service is topping speeds of 150 megabits per second in different parts of the country. On average the internet speed has crossed 150 megabits. During the latest press meet which happened with the founder of the company Elon Musk, he expressed that the biggest technical challenge lies in developing the kit cheaper at an affordable price. Starlink has been working on various other advanced next-generation products to develop engineering products to benefit the indivudual. During the last annual meeting, the company has announced their future goals to develop hardware devices for providing faster internet at an affordable cost. Many internet providing companies are facing tough times to compete with Starlink products. During the launch of their product, Starlink assure that they will be launching products to provide a faster internet facility through the satellite broadcasting service.

Most of the users expressed their user experience in Reddit’s Starlink community portal. It’s claimed that they have experience 150 megabits per second. It’s recorded that the fastest internet speed was 205.82 Mbps recorded in Bellevue, Washington. During October month of last year, The company claimed that they will be increasing their speed from 50 Mbps to 150 Mbps through mail communications. Recently the company has achieved its mission to provide faster internet options.   A collection of 900 satellites were stationed above the earth atmosphere which provides faster internet facility through their strong signal beam. Information from the company claims that companies’ internet speed might be higher during the times of summer whereas they might be facing minor issues during the later part of the year during the beta version trial period. Similar to their announcement many subscribers were facing trouble while connecting with the internet. Prior to this SpaceX CEO and founder, Elon Musk has expressed his concern to make the device at an affordable price during several interviews and other social media posts. Cutting down the manufacturing cost plays an important role in determining the cost of the product.

During the interview with Aviation Week, Musk expressed his concern over the manufacturing cost which might take several years in reaching their goal to provide their products at a cheaper cost. Many engineering companies are working on developing their products with new materials that could be less costly than currently using products. Musk said that beta invites would go out in upcoming weeks and they are planning to enter the European market to provide the users an idea over the internet providing facility. Along with that, the company is also planning to increase its bandwidth to reach other parts of the country through the satellite network. It looks the company will be entering Canada to provide satellite-internet service within a few days. The beta cost of their products is expected to similar to the previous beta trial. As declared earlier, Starlink is planning to provide satellite internet facility to various regions of different parts of the country through the companies collection of thousands of satellites


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